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Preparing your home for market

Home Repair, Do-it-yourself   Tip #1

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Savvy Tips to help - Sell your Home


Curb Appeal

It is the first thing a prospective buyer will see. Cut the grass, weed the garden, and make sure there isnít any stuff cluttering up the yard. Remove plants and decorations from the front entrance keeping it clear and open. Sweep regularly so it doesnít get filled with leaves or dirt. Do the same for the carport and/or driveway.


Remove the Clutter !

Get rid of items that clutter rooms such as piles of magazines, papers and other paraphernalia. Ensure that there is a place for everything to make the rooms look spacious. Donít leave stacked boxes or discarded items in rooms. If necessary, rent a storage unit and put everything away.


Clear the Countertops

Take everything off the kitchen and bathroom countertops.


 Clean Out the Closets

Crowded, messy closets will make a room looked cramped and smaller.


 Remove Personal Items

Take down family photos. Remove magnets or other items off the refrigerator. A prospective buyer wants to imagine him or herself in the home. Therefore it is beneficial to make the house more neutral.


Make Minor Repairs

Fix those leaky faucets and broken doorknobs. Replace any missing shingles, a broken fence, or a cracked window. Finish any home projects that were started.


Consider Painting

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to freshen up a home. Also, if you have a bright pink kitchen or a dark purple dining room, you may consider changing the rooms to a more neutral color to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible.


 Give Your House A Clean Fresh Smell

Plug-in deodorizers or scented candles will make a house smell pleasant.


Wash the Windows

From the inside rooms look bright and clean for that fresh new start.


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Foreclosure Auctions

Before HUD gets a property it must be foreclosed on and have gone to auction without any successful bidders. Auctions are frequently done near the steps of the County Courthouse in downtown Phoenix, Lawyer's offices, or other venues.  There are "middlemen" that constantly purchase auctioned properties to either keep for investments, or resell them for a small fee.

Again - buyer beware because most foreclosure properties are being sold "as-is", therefore much more care is prudent.  Typically the seller has never lived in the property so there are no or very few disclosures. This makes inspections that much more important.

Local "middlemen" Websites:
Foreclosures-4-investors.com   - Browse or Sign up for email list of foreclosed homes for sale.
BuyAzForeclosures.com            - Browse or Sign up for email list of foreclosed homes for sale.


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Use our experience in construction, finance, and real estate to assist you in your investment.  Feel free to email HousetoHomeRealty@cox.net or call Eric or Jolaine at 602.885-1010 if you have any questions about the purchase of a foreclosure property, or, if you would like a Comprehensive Market Analysis.  We will require the address, and as many facts as you have about the house such as, number of bedrooms/baths, square footage, garage or carport, etc.