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A few options to find a home or investment property in Arizona

What you should know while searching M.L.S
.           MLS-Search

The Multiple Listing Service is the main online database of all houses for sale in the state.  It is the most comprehensive list of homes or condominiums for sale.  There are also multiple units for investors, land, and some commercial properties.  MLS lets you search by criteria such as neighborhood, school districts, number of bedroom/bathrooms, square footage, etc.

It is the best way to search for a primary or secondary residence.  The listed properties can be viewed with a Realtor who holds an MLS key that allows access to the residence.

Some public online searches often pull up active properties as well as properties which are already pending, and that is a waste your time.  A Realtor can also fine tune a search and email you a link to the search that is automatically updated for 30 days.

If you have any questions or would like to view a property call Eric or Jolaine anytime at 602.885-1010.

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Buying a property from H.U.D.

The Federal Government's Department of Housing and Urban Development provides protection to lenders for loans.  When a secured loan goes into default for over 90 days the loan may be foreclosed on,then H.U.D. pays off the original lender and takes possession of the property.  H.U.D. will value the property as close to market as possible.  However many times these homes are not in the best of shape and they are sold at a discount.

Click here to read more about H.U.D. homes   www.hud.gov

Similar rules also apply to Fannie Mae-Owned Property Search

Buying a VA home *VA and Regular REO Residential Properties for Sale Find By State

Placing a Bid

A licensed Realtor who has been approved by HUD must place all bids on HUD homes.  The first 10 days are reserved for anyone bidding for a primary residence.  Only if the house has not been sold after 10 days are investors eligible to bid.  One may still acquire a "below market" property if proper due diligence is done before making an offer.  NOTE: Higher margin properties will probably sell for above H.U.D.'s assessed value.

   Some Facts

H.U.D. homes are sold "as-is", therefore, buyer should beware and get an inspection.


Buying a H.U.D. home is a bidding process with feedback on your offer within 24 hours.


You must have financing already in place and be able to close within 45 days.


Only purchasers buying their primary residence may bid the first 10 days on the market.


After the first 10 days, anyone may submit an offer.


All offers must go through a registered real estate agent.


Agents may charge between 0 and 5% for their services - comes out of H.U.D.'s proceeds.


Website to search H.U.D. held properties or ask your agent.   MCBreo.com  (link)

If you have any questions or if you are interested in viewing or bidding on a HUD property call Eric or Jolaine anytime at 602.885-1010.

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Foreclosure Auctions

Before HUD gets a property it must be foreclosed on and have gone to auction without any successful bidders. Auctions are frequently done near the steps of the County Courthouse in downtown Phoenix, Lawyer's offices, or other venues.  There are "middlemen" that constantly purchase auctioned properties to either keep for investments, or resell them for a small fee.

Again - buyer beware because most foreclosure properties are being sold "as-is", therefore much more care is prudent.  Typically the seller has never lived in the property so there are no or very few disclosures. This makes inspections that much more important.

Local "middlemen" Websites:
Foreclosures-4-investors.com   - Browse or Sign up for email list of foreclosed homes for sale.
BuyAzForeclosures.com            - Browse or Sign up for email list of foreclosed homes for sale.


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Get 16% Return when you invest in Real Estate backed debt.

Anyone may purchase a property's unpaid taxes and receive 16% in Arizona for their efforts.  On occasion you may actually acquire the property itself (albeit much less then 1% of the time).


You don't know when the investment will be redeemed (get your investment back).


You may have additional expenses to obtain the property if not redeemed.


There may be problems with the property you bought the back taxes on.

MaricopaTaxLiens - Invest in property tax liens (16%) and possibly get the property.

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Use our experience in construction, finance, and real estate to assist you in your investment.  Feel free to email HousetoHomeRealty@cox.net or call Eric or Jolaine at 602.885-1010 if you have any questions about the purchase of a foreclosure property, or, if you would like a Comprehensive Market Analysis.  We will require the address, and as many facts as you have about the house such as, number of bedrooms/baths, square footage, garage or carport, etc.