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House To Home Realty

Eric S. Lind
Designated Broker

1010 E. Loma Vista Drive
Tempe AZ 85282

Phone:   602.885-1010
    Fax:   480.804-1391

House To Home Realty was formed so we could add our own unique set of skills to the residential home selling profession.  We have found that most properties going on the market need some sort of touch-up or repair work to get them top notch no matter how new the structure may be.  We feel by combining some handyman work prior to placing a home on the market actually expedites the entire process for everyone.  We hope it works for you as well.  We hope to gain your trust and your business.

Thank you, Eric & Jolaine


Eric studied Architecture at Iowa State University and worked in construction.  He later graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance.  He has been a licensed RealtorŪ since 1993 and is currently the Designated Broker at House To Home Realty.  His background in architecture and construction gave him extensive knowledge of residential structures and made him a skillful handyman.

call - 602.885-1010


Jolaine began her career in Finance.  She worked on the trading floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange and in Mutual Fund and Foreign Exchange.  She moved to Arizona in 2002 to get married.  As a partner in House to Home Realty, Jolaine holds a real estate license and assists in the fix-up and marketing of homes.

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