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Don't Let A Home Inspection Surprise You...

Often what you don't see can cost you time and money prior to a closing.
We pre-inspect and repair BEFORE we market your home.

 Examples of inspection issues

  1. Air Conditioner Efficiency - Difference between in/output should be 18-23 degrees.

  2. Mold, Dry Rot, or Termites - Banks won't loan w/o a clean Wood Infestation Report.

  3. Leaky Roof - Replace broken shingles/tiles or reseal around roof penetrations.

  4. Leaky Plumbing - Repair valves or replace faucet.

  5. Cosmetics: Painting, Landscaping, Cleaning, Etc. - to get top dollar faster.

  6. All electrical outlets and switches should work.


View Pre-sale Home Inspection Document


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Marketing Your Home For Sale

The most important phases in Real Estate are Marketing & Negotiating.
We will tailor our strategy to meet your needs and get your house SOLD.


Set the stage, the finishing touches.


Flyers-see sample flyer   props\4157.html


Yard Sign


Web Listing - advertise to online Buyers.


MLS Listing - advertise to other Realtors.


Open House - open to the public and Realtors.


Ads in newspapers, websites, postcards, etc.


Feedback from prospects - adjust strategy.



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